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In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the lives and property of others. You will all always be America's #1 Hero's! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Brother when you weep for me Remember that it was meant to be Lay me down and when you leave Remember that I'll be at your sleeve In every dark and chocking hall I'll be there as you slowly crawl On every roof in driving snow I'll hold your coat and you will know In cellars hot with searing heat At windows where gates you meet In closets where young children hide You know I'll be there by your side The house from which I now respond Is overstaffed with heroes gone Men who answered one last bell Did the job and did it well As firemen we understand That death's a card dealt in our hand A card we hope we never play But one we hold there anyway That card is something we ignore As we crawl across a weakened floor For we know that we're the only prayer For someone that might be there So remember as you wipe your tears The joy I knew throughout the years As I did the job I loved to do I pray that thought will see you through

This is an informational web page. My name is Nichole Dumont. I am a High School DECA student and I am currently organizing a Fire Safety and Prevention Program. I will hopefully be going to local Child Care Facilities to inform young children about Fire Safety and Prevention! These presentations that I will be giving will hopefully taking place during the summer. They will be approximately one hour long and are also interactive.

The children will learn what to do in case of a fire, how to plan escape routes with their families, what in their houses is dangerous and should not be touched, who to call in case of an emergency, what is considered an emergency and what is not, and why we celebrate "Fire Safety Week".

My progress so far: